"Quantity is something you can count –

Quality is something you count on!"

As well as supplying new hydraulic presses, we can also update your existing presses.



Safety Testing

Hydraulic Controls

Electric Controls




Replacement Parts



Our Service

  • Maintenance, inspections and servicing to increase availability and quality
  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • Retrofitting, modernisation and modification
  • Accident protection safety testing in accordance with BGR 500
  • Cylinder tightening, cylinder repairs and cylinder overhauls
  • Hydraulic controls
  • Electric controls and software
  • Press automation and commissioning
  • Retrofitting energy-saving drives to hydraulic presses in accordance with our patented principle
  • Hydraulic press drives with electric motor servo drives in accordance with our patented principle
  • Safety modifications, CE-compliant modification and modification in accordance with EN 693
  • The use of the most modern control technology (hydraulic and electric)
  • Training
  • Run time optimisation and performance adjustments
  • FEM calculation of machine frames
  • Tool changing systems and setup time optimisation
  • Press accessories
  • Drive systems
  • Completely new hydraulic presses
  • Special machines for forming technology
  • Ready-to-use supply and assembly

Our principles


  • An increase in performance through conversion to the most modern of technology
  • Variable-speed energy-saving drives to reduce operating costs
  • Higher availability thanks to preventative maintenance
  • Larger margins thanks to increased productivity, coupled with a higher return


  • Safety testing (accident prevention) in accordance with current EU directives
  • Replacement parts service to be able to react quickly in an emergency


  • Targeted employee training so that your systems can be used optimally


  • We can be your reliable partner, not just in Germany, but also worldwider


  • Support in system and process optimisation
  • Overhaul and modernisation of your existing systems

The benefits of working with us

  • A flexible team with short reaction times
  • Your hydraulic press processes will be as secure as they can be
  • A possible increase in the quality of your end products thanks to
  • A reduction in costs thanks to system testing and thus a minimised risk of failure

Heiko Röcher



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