Hydraulic Presses


The company RÖCHER manufactures hydraulic presses. The scope of supply ranges from standard presses to customer-specific one-off machines. We can supply you with individual hydraulic presses or complete plants, systems or production lines. As a customer, you benefit from high-quality and solid execution, paired with modern technology and high precision. RÖCHER hydraulic presses are built for maximum performance with high availability, long-term safe operation, precise production results, high output and flexible applications.

Hydraulic presses for forming processes, sheet metal forming, metal forming and automotive as well as many other areas

You benefit from:

  • Setting up of the hydraulic presses in different structures (e.g. double-frame press, single-frame press, column press, etc.)
  • Diverse applications (e.g. blanking, deep drawing, bordering, sizing, bending, deburring, trimming, shaping, flattening, pressing, assembling, joining, etc.)
  • Hydraulic press or large press, optimised and adapted perfectly for your chosen application

Energy-saving hydraulic presses with servo-drive

A first-class RÖCHER solution according to the patented principle

You benefit from:

  • Optimal energy use thanks to improved efficiency
  • Exact positioning and force control
  • Reduced valve technology, servomotor drives and energy recovery
  • Available in all structures such as two-frame press, one-frame press, column press, horizontal press, etc.
  • Optional synchronisation

Modification of your hydraulic press

All brands
at manufacturer level

You benefit from:

  • The complete press service
  • Modification and modernisation
  • An increase in performance, safety and energy optimisation
  • Services which can be applied to all hydraulic press brands

Heiko Röcher



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