Other types of press

Fine blanking press

Fine blanking presses

For various applications and requirements
Column-type press

Column-type presses

Our column-type presses are mostly designed as four-column presses but two- or three-column presses or special designs are also possible.
Auger flight press

Auger flight presses

We are a leading supplier of auger flight presses. Hydraulic presses for tproducing worm conveyors are available in a range of sizes and versions.
High-precision press

High-precision presses

They are designed to meet exacting requirements, such as positioning accuracy, pressure and power control, synchronisation control, guidance accuracy, rigidity of platen and slide, speed control or other requirements.
Short-cycle press

Short-cycle presses

High-speed automated machining operations with rapid part changing and short cycle times require special know-how in hydraulic and electric control systems. Thanks to our in-house development work, we are able to offer excellent solutions.
Universal press

Universal presses

Universal presses for numerous applications and flexible production requirements
Transfer press

Multiple stage presses

Hydraulic Multiple stage presses for transfer dies and progressive dies
Transfer press

Transfer presses

Hydraulic transfer presses, including transfer systems.
Upstroke press

Upstroke presses

Upstroke presses are designed individually to suit specific applications.
Stitching machines for continuous production lines

Stitching machines for continuous production lines

Stitching machines for stitching the ends of strips together in continuous processing and coil coating lines.

Gantry press

Gantry presses

Gantry presses with travelling gantry and cylinder.
Spring-set press

Spring-set presses and test presses

for instance for hot setting helical springs
Hydroforming press

Hydroforming presses

Hydroforming, including high-pressure hydraulics and control technology.

Table press

Table presses

Very compact and easy to handle with flexible press design
Automatic pressing machine

Automatic pressing machines

Fully automatic CNC-controlled precision machine for pressing expanders into ABS blocks.
Powder press

Powder presses

Powder presses including peripheral items
Grinding wheel press

Grinding wheel presses

We supply hydraulic presses for producing grinding wheels. Our range also includes mixers, furnaces and test machines for producing grinding wheels.
Heating press

Heating presses

Hydraulic heating presses including heating plates.
Special press

Special presses

We supply presses which are designed to meet your requirements, applications and needs.