Fields of application

Blanking press


Hydraulic blanking presses of various designs and with different part-feeding systems.
Fine cutting / Fine blanking press

Fine cutting / Fine blanking

For different applications and requirements
Deep drawing press

Deep drawing

Hydraulic deep drawing presses with multiple-action design for a range of different drawing processes.
Hydraulic stamping press

Stamping / sizing

Hydraulic stamping presses with auxiliary equipment to give optimum stamping production.
Bending press


Hydraulic bending presses, which can be fully automatic or come with a manual feed.
Bordering press


Hydraulic bordering presses, tailor-made to suit your specific requirements.
Hydraulic machines for pressing


Hydraulic machines for pressing in various types of workpiece.
Press for deburring operations


Presses of different sizes and designs for deburring operations.
Hydraulic precision press

Precision pressing processes

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer machines to meet the most demanding requirements, such as positioning accuracy, pressure and power control, synchronisation control, guidance accuracy, rigidity of platen and slide, speed control or other requirements.
High-speed machining press

High-speed machining

High-speed automated machining operations with rapid part changing and short cycle times require special know-how in hydraulic and electric control systems. Based on our in-house development work, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions.
Hydraulic straightening press


Hydraulic straightening presses for straightening rods, profiles, round stock, square stock, flat stock, plates, flashings and other special products.
Other fields of application

Other fields of application

Other fields of application