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Der Schnitt- und Stanzwerkzeugbau (2001)

Hydraulic deep-drawing press for large drawing depths

The hydraulic press RSP 1500.42 SZ of the mechanical engineering company Röcher is designed for the deep-drawing of parts with large drawing depths.

Its maximum pressing force is 15,000 kN and its drawing pad force 8,000 kN. The maximum ram stroke is 1200 mm, and the stroke of the drawing pad is 500 mm. A controlled ejector with a maximum force of 630 kN and a stroke of 500 mm is incorporated in the ram. This generous design allows the customer to produce extremely high and thick-walled stainless steel parts with materials difficult to process in an efficient manner and of high quality.

 When designing the machine, Röcher used the Finite Element Method (FEM) so that the machine frame absorbs the occurring forces without any problem and flexing is minimised.

The press and the associated periphery are tailored to the special requirements of the users.

The owner of the machine uses 8 different drawing procedures for manufacturing his products. Beyond this, he needs an exact positioning of the different rams.

A comfortable, clear control easy to operate allows the operator to carry out all the required settings, such as drawing procedure, forces, speeds, etc. All of these parameters are stored in the control under a tool data record. The storage capacity is as much as 500 tools.

The control has been developed by this company on the basis of the PLC Siemens Simatic S7, which has been used since 1997. The machine operator is at any time master of the process thanks to a clear, detailed and well comprehensible display, monitoring and analysis program.

High-grade components and a robust design provide for a stable press with a high level of availability.

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