for forming processes, such as sheet-metal forming, metal forming,automotive fabrication etc.

We offer single hydraulic presses, complete plants, systems and production lines for individual or interconnected operations. Our high- tech design and solid construction, combined with cutting edge technology, drive concepts and control systems result in a powerful and efficient machine featuring high availability, safe operation, precise production and flexible applications for many years.

Presses with synchronization control and presses for tool testing.

Try-out presses for stamping, punching, embossing and follow-on tools.
For economic forming applications with the highest precision.

for rods, profiles, tubes, steel sheets, plates, flashings, etc.

We manufacture individually designed straightening presses: We design equipment for manual straightening, presses for semi-automatic straightening and machines for fully-automatic straightening.

Individually designed plants
and prototypes

We produce special machines for specific applications and tailor-made machines to meet your needs. Special solutions for particular purposes are no problem for us.
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rapid, flexible, proficient and reliable

Our service goes beyond maintenance and repair. We can help you to modernise and further develop existing presses and special machines.