Two-column presses


  • Very long uptime

  • Solid workmanship

  • Individual adaptation to suit the application

  • High precision

  • Our many years of experience in the design and construction of hydraulic presses mean outstanding quality

Product description

Our two-column presses, also called H-frame presses or double-column presses, are characterised by solid and reliable workmanship. The rigid structure and the solid guides allow processes with high precision requirements to be carried out. In the case of progressive and transfer dies, which are subject to extremely eccentric loads and require high precision, this can be further enhanced with synchronisation control.

Thanks to their flexibility and high versatility, the presses are suitable for many different applications. Each machine can be tailored to carry out the specific task. Depending on the application, single-acting, double-acting or multiple-acting presses are used and the design and equipment required are determined accordingly.

Advanced control systems ensure that the machines are clear and easy to operate and quick to set up.

The presses can be designed for manual insertion, for fully-automatic processes as well as transfer presses.