Single-column presses


  • Highly precise

  • Extended uptime

  • Cut shock dampening

  • Low noise level

  • Our many years of experience in the design and construction of hydraulic presses mean outstanding quality

Product description

Our hydraulic single-column press has an excellent reputation thanks to its outstanding performance and versatile operational capability.
The dimensions and auxiliary equipment vary, depending on the application.

We supply a selection of single-, double- and multiple-acting presses.

The machines are designed using state-of-the art FEM calculation, thus ensuring rigidity and high fatigue strength.

It goes without saying that our presses are designed and built in accordance with the latest accident prevention regulations and to comply with all the standards and criteria necessary to obtain the CE mark.

Our broad range of optional equipment includes precise slide guides and guided press rams, hydraulic die cushions with progressive and degressive force control, auxiliary axes, die cushion shifting devices, hydraulic shock dampening functionality for stamping operations, motor-driven adjustable mechanical stroke limitation equipment, machines with reduced noise level, die protection or die control, hydraulic die clamping systems, ball or roller bars in the platen, additional functions, precise position, speed and power controls, positioning table and other special equipment. We design and build presses to exactly meet our customers' individual requirements.