Other fields of application

Cutting press


Hydraulic cutting presses
Hydraulic press for forming


Hydraulic presses for forming workpieces
Drawing press


Drawing presses for drawing sheet metal parts
Hydraulic press for flattening workpieces


Hydraulic presses for flattening workpieces
Hydraulic press for assembling


Hydraulic presses for assembling components into integral objects
Hydraulic extrusion press

Extrusion presses

Hydraulic extrusion presses
Hydraulic press for caulking


Hydraulic press for caulking components
Hydraulic press for heavy forming

Heavy forming

Hydraulic presses for heavy forming
Hydraulic press for hot forming

Hot forming

Hydraulic presses for hot forming
Auger blade press

Pressing of auger blades

We are a leading supplier of auger blade presses and we supply hydraulic presses for the production of screw conveyors of various types and sizes.
Hydro-forming press


Hydro-forming presses including high-pressure hydraulics and control technology
Pipe bending press

Pipe bending

U and O bending of pipes with automatic feed and discharge
Stitching machines

Stitching strip together

Stitching machines for stitching lengths of strip together in strip processing lines and strip coating lines
Spring setting press

Spring setting and testing

e.g. for hot setting of coil springs
Powder press

Powder pressing

Hydraulic presses for pressing powder (including auxiliary equipment)
Hydraulic press for production of grinding wheels and abrasive bodies

Production of grinding wheels and abrasive bodies

We supply hydraulic presses for the production of grinding wheels. Furthermore, our product range includes mixers, furnaces and testing machines for grinding wheel production.
Hydraulic press for special applications

Special applications

We deliver a press tailor-made to meet your specific requirements and your precise application.