Special report:
Industrieanzeiger (2004)

Fully automatic and without retooling

Whether it is about punching, drawing, stamping, bending, sizing, inserting, bordering, deburring, straightening or assembling, Röcher GmbH Maschinenbau covers the complete range of the forming technique.

The product range of Röcher GmbH Maschinenbau comprises a large spectrum so that the company founded in 1946 is in the position to supply a large market segment. The company supplies both presses for manual loading and complete automatic system. The dimensions of the presses vary considerably, and the scope of supply of the Westphalian firm extends from the pure hydraulic press as far as the complete system.

Röcher developed a fully automatic punching system for one of its customers who needed a machine for notching, perforating, stamping and cutting a steel strip to length. All of the parts to be processed belong to one product family. Strip width and thickness are identical for each part.

Röcher manufactured a fully automatic machine that processes the parts from a strip unreeled from a coil. The essential components of the machine are the decoiler, straightening machine, strip stock pile with strip loop control, roll feed with servocontrol as well as ten stations as hydraulically operated notching, perforating and stamping units, cutoff shear and CNC control with tool memory for the workpieces to be processed in each case. According to the information of the manufacturer, a particular feature of the machine is that no retooling is necessary when changing the product. The production process is determined by the sequence of workpiece types entered in each case in the CNC control. Thus, the defined quantity of different types of workpieces can be produced without any interruption.

Ob Stanzen, Ziehen, Prägen, Biegen Kalibrieren, Einpressen, 
Bördeln, Abgraten, Richten, oder Montieren – die Röcher GmbH 
Maschinenbau deckt den gesamten Bereich der Umformtechnik ab.

Fully automatic punching system developed according to the customer's requirements.