Special report:
Euro-Blech-Router (2000)

Hydraulic press for universal application

The press RZP 63.21 NZ manufactured by Röcher GmbH Maschinenbau, 57250 Netphen, is designed for press operators who use their presses universally for different processing processes. All of the components required to this effect, such as variably controlled drawing pad, hydraulic snap-through dampening and infinitely variable speed control for forward and reverse motion are activated via the CNC program.

The press offers the possibility to either load workpieces manually in the semiautomatic operating mode or produce parts from the coil using the rapid-cycle roll feed. Eccentric loads in case of combined tools and progressive compound tools are absorbed by the robust eightfold guidance assemblies of the ram in the frame. The machine frame and the ram are laid out with an extreme stiffness using a FEM program.

The CNC control allows for an easy operation of the press. A Siemens Simatic S7 control carries out the control of the press axes as well as machine functions and processes. An electronic safety control is integrated for the safety-related functions.