Special report:
Der Schnitt- und Stanzwerkzeugbau (2000)

Hydraulic press for great demands

Röcher GmbH Maschinenbau, Netphen-Deuz, has developed a new type of press for precise forming processes with eccentric loads.

The illustrated machine that is used for punching and forming with progressive compound tools has a pressing force of 4000 kN, a table width of 2 m and a table depth of 1.25 m. All great requirements for the processing of high-grade thin materials (material thickness fro m 0.1 mm and tool cutting gap from 0.01 mm) at relatively rapid cycle rates are perfectly met with this new type of press.

Bending up, deformation and ram tilting of the press are reduced to a minimum and the quality of the parts as well as the tool life are increased.

When developing the press, the frame and the ram were laid out with an extreme stiffness using a FEM program.

12-fold prestressed roller guides ensure very precise ram guidance. Thanks to an additional hydroelectronic synchronisation control, the parallel guidance of the ram is maintained at a level of less than 0.1 mm over the total table width, and an excellent snap-through dampening is achieved during cutting processes.

A mechanical stroke limitation for exact ram positioning and an infinitely variable speed control support the optimisation of the processing process.

Roll feed, tool protection and triggering of additional equipment are integrated in the CNC control of the press thus ensuring a user-friendly operation and a fully automatic sequence of the entire processing process. A clear and well comprehensible display and data saving program of the CNC control serves for the quality assurance, system monitoring and failure analysis. Storing of all parameters and set values combined with a hydraulic tool changing system provides for rapid product change and flexible production.

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