Specail report:
blechnet.com (2002)

Röcher declares retooling to be superfluous

Hydraulic press for great demands

It's indeed true: A company that nowadays wants to succeed in business, must be very flexible. Consequently, Röcher GmbH acted according to the motto: "The customer is king" when it received the following enquiry. The customer was looking for a machine enabling him to notch, perforate, stamp and cut steel strips to length. All of the workpieces to be produced belong to one product family. Strip width and thickness are identical for each part but the length varies. As only a small number of units shall be produced, the retooling times should be minimised as far as possible whereas perforation, notching and stamping of the different parts are recurrent operations and only the quantity, arrangement, etc. change. Furthermore, the customer placed greatest demands on the precision of the individual parts.

Thereupon, Röcher developed a fully automatic machine that, in contrast to nibbling machines frequently used for processing workpieces from metal plates, processes parts unreeled from a coil. Essential components of the configurated system are a decoiler, straightening machine, strip stock pile with strip loop control, roll feed with servocontrol, IO stations as hydraulically operated notching, perforating and stamping units, cutoff shear as well as CNC control with tool magazine for the respective workpieces. A special feature of the machine is that no retooling is necessary when changing the product. The production process is determined by the sequence of different types of workpieces entered in each case in the CNC control. Thus, the quantity defined in each case for up to 20 different workpiece versions can be produced without any interruption. The CNC control automatically calculates the production process and includes moreover a clear, detailed and easily comprehensible display, failure analysis and data saving program for monitoring the system.

Result: Requirements met, customer satisfied...

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